Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Hot water heater costs are typically 10%-25% of your annual energy costs. Energy efficient water heaters will save you money

Best Efficiency or Highest Savings?

These may sound like the same thing when in fact they are quite different with respect to hot water heaters.

These days natural gas is much cheaper than electricity. So, if you have the option go with natural gas. Energy efficient water heaters that are gas have 3-6 times lower operating costs than electric heaters.

Should you buy a new energy efficient water heater?

This depends or your options for fuels and your budget. The info on this page should help you make your choice.

Hot Water Heater
Savings Calculator

What is your Electricity Price:
Electricity Price (off peak):
Select your Gas Price:

Is your hot water heater
electric or gas?

What type of showerhead
to you use?

How many minutes is the
shower on per day?

How many baths do you
take per month?

How many loads of laundry do
you do per week with hot water?


$ per year - on all day

$ per year - if off peak only


$ per year - use of a timer

$ per year - turn temp down

$ per year - efficient upgrade

Types of Hot Water Heaters

  1. Storage Tank type (electric or gas)
  2. Tankless or Instantaneous type (electric or gas)
  3. Solar type
  4. Heat Pump type (electric)

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