Energy Efficient Clothes Washer

Is it worth it to upgrade to an energy efficient clothes washer? Can it save you money?

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Well, yes, it can save you money. While buying an efficient washing machine will save you money, the easiest way to save money is to wash your clothes in cold water. Washing your clothes in cold water is pretty much just as good as using hot water, in terms of cleaning effectiveness.

Use the calculator to the right to approximate your electricity usage. Change some of the inputs and you will see the impact on your yearly costs.

As you can see, the hot water cost is easily the highest cost when washing clothes. If you don't want to wash your clothes in cold water, a natural gas fuelled water heater is better than an electric water heater.

If you have an old top loader you will see that it is probably time to replace it (change the options in the calculator and you will see the difference in cost per year).

Note: A lot of cities have programs where they will come pick up your old appliances at no cost (if the city doesn't come the scrap collectors would love to come get your old appliances).

Energy Efficient Clothes Washer Brands

  1. LG
  2. Whirlpool
  3. GE
  4. Frigidaire
  5. Samsumg
  6. Kitchenaid
  7. Boelter
  8. Summit
  9. Danby
  10. Zuma

Ideas to keep Clothes Washing Costs Down

  • Wash your clothes in cold water.

  • Make sure your loads are full. This will lead to less loads per week.

  • Buy an energy efficient clothes washer. It will use less water.

  • Buy an energy efficient hot water heater. If natural gas is cheap, like in North America, a natural gas fired water heater is best (lowest cost to operate).

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