Electricity or Gas

Should you switch over?

Getting a new furnace? Should you get one that uses electricity or gas? A common notion out there is that gas is cheaper than electricity when it comes to heating and other appliances. So is it? Use the calculator below to compare fuel prices...

Electricity or Gas?

Thinking of switching to natural gas
from electricity for an appliance? Use
this tool to compare the prices in similar units!

Select your Gas / Oil / Propane Price:

¢/kW-hr       Your Equivalent Electricity Price!
How does this compare to your electricity price?
If it is lower, the selected fuel is less than electricity!

$/cubic meter   Equivalent Natural Gas Price

$/cubic foot       Equivalent Natural Gas Price

$/litre               Equivalent Propane Price

$/US Gallon       Equivalent Propane Price

$/litre               Equivalent Heating Oil Price

$/US Gallon       Equivalent Heating Oil Price

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Use the drop-down box to select your current price for a selected fuel

  2. Review the calculated numbers

  3. If the electricity price calculated is lowered than your current rate, switching may be a good option for you (see note 4 below)

  4. Remember that fuel burning equipment such as furnaces are not 100% efficient. If your furnace is 75% efficient, you will require 133% of the fuel energy compared to an electric heater (100% / 75% = 133%)

  5. Thinking of moving out to the country? You may require propane or heating oil. Be sure to compare your local prices as propane or heating oil can be 3-5 times the price of natural gas.

    To compare this, first select your current natural gas price and note the equivalent price in ¢/kW-hr and then select your new price of propane or heating oil and compare the two prices in ¢/kW-hr.

  6. Refer to the section below for typical pricing in your area

Typical Energy Prices
Still to come...

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